Get Killzone: Shadow Fall for $40 on PSN

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If you’re just joining the world of next-gen gaming on the PlayStation 4 and are looking for a high-action, sci-fi shooter brimming with gorgeous visuals to fulfill your FPS needs, you’ll want to take advantage of a sale currently running for Guerrilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall.

On the PlayStation Network, you’ll now find the PS4-exclusive shooter for $39.99 USD, which is $20.00 off the original price. It’s not clear how long the sale will last, however.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.58.03 PMYou can visit the official page by following this link.

“Canyon” was a recent free addition to Killzone: Shadow Fall’s roster of multiplayer maps. Later this June, fans can look forward to Shadowfall’s four-player co-op DLC called “Intercept.” You can read the details here.

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