Ghost Recon Breakpoint Next Patch Set for End of January, Here’s What’s Planned for T1.1.0

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For those playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it’s been some time since we got an official update to the game. Thankfull, that’s about to change now. Ubisoft has revealed some of the contents included in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint next patch, which is pegged for release at the “end of January,” which should be any day next week.

Called TU (Title Update) 1.1.0, it will include a bunch of fixes for the Night Vision, AI and more.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint TU 1.1.0

This TU will address the following changes, among others:

  • Made improvements to Night Vision.
  • Sharpshooter exploit with DMR rifles addressed in all modes (PvP, Raid, PvE).
  • Players who previously lost their Thermal / Night Vision will get it back after loading their save.
  • Players who previously lost their Water Canteen or Binoculars will get them back after loading their save.
  • Rebalanced Stamina for PvP after it was buffed in a previous TU.
  • Toned down the coughing sounds players could hear while in Erewhon.
  • Enemies will no longer shout in pain after being shot in the head.
  • Improved AI behavior:
    • Fixed an issue where enemies investigating will go to cover mid-detection.
    • If enough NPCs die at a single spot, they will stop rushing the player and will get into cover more often than before.
    • We also modified the vanish rules so that NPCs will stay in the fight if they are close enough to the player.
  • The Digital Scope now has multiple levels of zoom.

Note that the items above aren’t the complete list of changes just yet.

In addition to Ghost Recon Breakpoint next patch set for the end of the month, the studio also Terminator Live Event (which was delayed to this year), will be hitting the game “soon.” There’s also more stuff planned for February which includes the Engineer class as well as an “immersive experience” that the studio is planning to unveil.

Source: Reddit