Ghost Recon Wildlands Anniversary: Video Celebration & Free In-Game Items

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The Ghost Recon Wildlands anniversary is upon us, with one year having passed since the game’s launch. In that time, players have fought against the cartel, as a lone wolf or in co-op, and fought in the game’s recently-introduced PvP mode.

Celebrate the Ghost Recon Wildlands anniversary by watching the video below, and wearing the free in-game patch and t-shirt.

The team at Ghost Recon Wildlands would like to celebrate the game’s one year anniversary with you! As a special thank you, players will receive two 1st Year Anniversary Community rewards, an in-game patch and t-shirt.

Video featuring: YouAlwaysWin, SXVXN, burgerwarrior24, Vadact, AChaney555, T3C_PsyKo, Sgt Nick Fury, OperatorDrewski, Jami_Tomlinson, ViaRecon, CrReaM, j0nny002, BLacKHaLLow, DeltaElite, HunchoRambos, o-IF_A_ID_IE-o, AI Bluefox

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Source: Ubisoft US (YouTube)

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