Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend Now Live, Potential Buyers Can Choose From 2 Editions After Trying

ghost recon wildlands free

If you’re looking for something new to try this weekend, and haven’t given Ghost Recon Wildlands a go yet, here’s your chance! Ubisoft is once again rolling out a Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend on all platforms!

The Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend will last from September 20-23, and during this time, everyone will have full access to the base game, along with the Ghost War PvP mode, and the themed special PvE missions. If you like what you tried, which is what Ubisoft is banking on, you can then purchase to one of two editions — the Year 2 Gold Edition and the Ultimate Edition, priced at $79.99 and $119.99, respectively.

Aside from the main game, the Ultimate Edition includes:

  • The Year 1 season pass, which includes the two major expansions: Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts.
  • The Year 2 Pass, which grants one-week early access to all six Year 2 Ghost War PvP classes and special equipment packs.
  • Additional exclusive perks including special weapons and attachments, 4 Battle Crates, 1 Skill Point Pack, 1 Resource Pack and 1 Long XP Booster.

The Year 2 Gold Edition includes the main game, and the Year 2 Pass. To help the decision a wee bit easier, Ubisoft has also discounted the Year 2 Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, and other various editions of Wildlands up to 60 percent off!

Don’t forget, Ubisoft has done a few crossover events for Wildlands, so future soldiers will hopefully have more events to look forward to at some point.

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