God of War: Ascension To Get Free Multiplayer Maps, More DLC Being Worked On

God of War: Ascension received some new DLC yesterday, which included new weapons and armors, but beyond that, many users were curious about the new maps shown in the recently released DLC trailer asking whether or not the season pass holders would have to pay for these.

Well, the good news is that no one has to pay for them and they’ll be offered to everyone for free, even those who don’t hold a season pass.

One thing that many users hate about multiplayer gaming, especially for games with a small install base for multiplayer, is splitting the community. Luckily for God of War fans, the guys over at Santa Monica are aware of this concern and they’ll be offering some free maps by the end of this month or next month. In responses to comments and questions on the PS Blog, Aaron Kaufman, Community Strategist at Santa Monica Studio, stated:

“The new maps are being finalized right now, these are not the only maps we are working on either. We have a LARGE map that is further out, we’ll be showing that gem next month at some point.”

“The two new Maps you saw in the trailer are trending for release by end of this month. We’ll keep you guys posted on timing. We are working on other maps beyond those as well.”

“The two maps we have coming out, will be free. And we are working on more.

It’s an industry movement, but we’re definitely exploring all ways to balance our FREE and PAID content for our community as best as possible.”

Don’t forget, Spartans, that the PS Store updated with some new gear for you to download.

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