Godfall PS5 Pricing and PS5 Pre-Order Items Announced

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While we already know the different editions and pre-order bonuses for Godfall, Counterplay Games has today announced the Godfall PS5 pricing and what items players on PS5 will get for pre-ordering.

In the press release, Counterplay Games listed three different versions of Godfall on PS5, and each have different price points.

  1. GodfallStandard ($69.99)
    1. Retailers:BestBuyGameStopPlayStation Store
  2. GodfallDeluxe Edition ($89.99)
    1. Retailers:BestBuyGameStopPlayStation Store
  1. GodfallAscended Edition ($99.99)
    1. Retailers:BestBuyGameStopPlayStation Store

According to Counterplay, all PS5 pre-orders will come with an additional bonus including: a Godfall Starter Pack of early equipment Augments and Trinkets; Chrome Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk skin cosmetic variants; a red Typhon variant; and Zer0’s sword from Borderlands.

Godfall is set for release this November 12 and is coming to PS5 and PC.