Gotham Knights: Players Won’t See Everything in a Single Playthrough Due to Each Hero’s Perspective

With Gotham Knights featuring four different protagonists, it seems this will affect the game in not only which hero a gamer plays as, but in the storyline and other stuff, too.

Speaking to PLAY magazine (issue #19), WB Games Montreal’s Game Director Geoff Ellenor and Cinematics Director Wilson Mui talks about how each character essentially has their own story in Gotham Knights, and how gamers won’t be able to see everything in just one playthrough.

WM: Just to be on the record, we actually made four [stories], not just one!

GE: That’s actually true. [laughter] That’s actually true! You will not see all of it in a single playthrough. Just because there’s so much content that is unique to the hero’s perception of what’s going on and what’s happened.

PLAY: Because you can play pretty much any mission as any hero, right? How did you go about making those distinct?

WM: So from the cinematic standpoint, it’s very, very, very challenging. […] Structurally, we’re gonna have a very similar scene that overall falls in the flow for each character, but each character has their own version of that. So because, you know, they move differently, they speak differently, they have different histories with all the different characters, it allows us to make a scene that would be their version of that. If you were to look and play Batgirl, you’re gonna get Batgirl’s version, but if you play Robin, you’re gonna get Robin’s version of that same scene. Some of them are very similar in how they do it, but they’re gonna have little subtle differences.

For those worried about the game’s replayability, this should help a bit in that. Not only will gamers playthrough a new character with a new set of moves and abilities, but it seems even the story will somehow change a bit too.

Gotham Knights is officially releasing on October 25, 2022, for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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1 year ago

Ew. So you need to play through and spend microtransaction money for each character to level them up and see the whole story…

Games a a service like this suck and need to stop existing.

Reply to  Kacho
1 year ago

I mean, there aren’t any microtransactions and this isn’t a game as a service setup, but other than that…

Reply to  Kacho
1 year ago

There’s no microtransactions and when you level up one character you level up them all.

Reply to  Kacho
1 year ago

Made a bit of a mockery of yourself there.

Tyler Twining
1 year ago

I actually don’t think this is bad like others have said. It adds more replay ability to the game and gives players something new to discover every playthrough other then combos and moves. And yes, while you won’t get “the whole story”, I imagine you get most of the story playing as any character and that it’s just the other main characters personal connection to the story you won’t get (because that makes logical sense). In other words, unless they do that it wrong, you probably won’t miss anything big.

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