Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.61 Putters Out

GT Sport Update 1.67

Polyphony Digital has released a rather small download for the latest Gran Turismo title out now, and that’s Gran Turismo Sport. The Gran Turismo Sport update 1.61 file doesn’t bring anything new in terms of content, and is a small download at 180MB in size.

Gran Turismo Sport update 1.61 patch notes:

The following items are part of the latest update for Gran Turismo Sport.

Main Features Implemented

1. Livery Editor
– The Pilot Sport logo from Michelin’s high-performance sports tires is now available. To access the new tire sticker, select “Wheel” and “Tire Sticker” (Standard Sticker) in the Livery Editor.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

– Balance adjustments have been made to the slipstream setting “Real.”
– Various other issues have been addressed.

For the patch that added actual content, check out details on the new Mazda RX Vision here.

Yep, it’s not much. Of course, given Gran Turismo 7 has officially been announced with a new trailer, it should be a given that Polyphony Digital is focusing work on the upcoming PS5 game.

If you notice any changes not included in the patch notes, share ’em below in the comments and we’ll update the post if prove to be legitimate.

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