Grand Theft Auto Online Is Getting Its Most Luxurious Update Yet

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“Executives and Other Criminals” is Grand Theft Auto Online‘s most luxurious update to-date, finally letting the city-dwellers of Los Santos purchase new top-of-the-line apartments, a house in the Vinewood Hills, or even a Yacht.

“But how am I going to fund all that,” you ask? Well, the new update will let you create your very own criminal organization that will open up brand new co-op jobs, challenges, and special abilities in Freemode. You’ll also be able to hire other players as bodyguards, providing them a steady salary of RP, GTA$, and stat boosts.

You cant take on other organizations in Freemode with new armored vehicles, a Turreted Limo, or a Super Yacht with it’s own missile defense system, SuperVolito Carbon helicopter, and personal watercraft.

It sounds crazy, but it’s probably just what GTA Online needs to stay fresh. You can pick up the free update on December 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Rockstar