Grand Theft Auto V Special Editions Detailed, Adds Niko, Claude and Misty As Playable GTA Online Characters

Those who have pre-ordered the special edition – more specifically, the costly collectors edition for Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V – are in for a bit of a treat, especially if they plan on partaking on some of the activities in GTA Online will have to offer on October 1.

Rockstar has recently revealed that those who purchasing the collectors edition of Grand Theft Auto V will receive Niko Belic from Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III, as playable characters in GTA Online.

Additionally, those dropping some cash for the collectors edition will receive an exclusive garage full of the CarbonRS sports bike, an 1930 hotrod the Hotknife, and the Khamelion, a high-end electric car which is specific to GTA Online.

Both editions of the game will include an .50 caliber pistol and bullpup shotgun in the Ammunation store, as well the hammer melee weapon, each coming with their own special customization options, skins and attachments, all for free.

These special edition copies will also grant you a 20% discount on all stores and give you alternative outfits for Franklin, Michael and Trevor which, pictured below:


Along with the extra outfit, Franklin, Michael and Trevor will receive a one additional article of clothing (shirt, hoodie and jacket) each, as well as a tattoo. For the daredevil’s in all of us, you will be able to partake in Stunt Pilot trials, which will present five unique challenges, pushing your stunt plane to the limit.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to release September 17 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Have you secured a limited or special edition of GTA V yet?

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