Gran Turismo Sport Analysis Highlights Killer Performance and HDR Support

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Following its impressive demo, which attracted over one million playersGran Turismo Sport has garnered attention for its success in combining smooth performance with great visuals. It attempts to maintain a locked 60fps, allowing for additional responsiveness in control and an overall better-looking presentation. 

Eurogamer’s “DigitalFoundry” division have offered further analysis, measuring the exact frame-rates achieved, as well as offering their expert assessment of the game’s use of HDR. 

Commenting on the game’s smoothness, DF’s John Linneman wrote: “We had a difficult time encountering any slowdown during gameplay, meaning that if it does occur, it should be rare. The races all play back very smoothly at 60 frames per second – a level of performance often missed in the PS3 installments. PS4 Pro owners also get the chance to run replays at 1080p60 – while base PS4 and the high-res Pro mode operate these at 30fps instead. It’s not a perfect lock but the results look brilliant…”

As for HDR, Linneman summed it up as: “Many games benefit from HDR, but with GT Sport, the upgrade is so pronounced and so beautiful, you’re clearly not getting the full experience without it.”

You can watch the full analysis in the video below:

GT Sport is shaping up to be an excellent PlayStation exclusive. It will launch on October 17.

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Source: Eurogamer