Gran Turismo Sport Sells Over 150,000 Units in Its First Week Out in Japan

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While we already reported on Gran Turismo Sport racing out of the gate at retail over in the UK to snag the top spot for the week, Polyphony’s latest is burning rubber even in Japan! Over on Japanese gaming site 4gamer (via PS4 Reddit), we see that Gran Turismo Sport sales in Japan are already over 150,000 and in just its first week of availability!

In case you haven’t picked it up yet, go check out our GT Sport review to see why we liked it a fair bit.  There’s also a new patch for it that came out earlier today that fixes a few bugs.

Given these Gran Turismo Sport sales reports, I’m guessing that old record of 76.9 million units sold for the franchise will be a forgotten memory real soon.

Have you picked up Gran Turismo Sport yet? How are you liking it so far? And are you surprised at its sales reception?