Guilty Gear Strive New Roadmap Lists Crossplay for Fall 2022, Teases New Characters for 2023

Guilty Gear Strive New Roadmap

In case you didn’t know, Evo 2022 is happening right as we type this, and that means fighting game fans have a lot to dig into today and over the weekend. In terms of new announcements, Arc System Works kicked things off by revealing the Guilty Gear Strive new roadmap! This shows what’s coming later this year and beyond!

Guilty Gear Strive New Roadma for 2022 – 2023:

Summer 2022:

  • New Character #6
  • Additional Character Color


  • PS5 – Reduced input delay
  • Steam – Reduced the connection time for the initial server connections

Fall 2022:

  • Crossplay Beta Test (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam): The global test is planned to be held during mid-September. More information such as how to join the best test will be announced soon.
  • Crossplay Update
  • New Character #7

Winter 2022:

  • Battle Balance Patch


  • New Character #8
  • Additional Stage #3
  • New Character #9
  • Additional Stage #4

Don’t forget to check out a recent survey sent out by Arc System Works regarding Season 2 of Guilty Gear Strive! If you havn’t bought or played the game yet, go read our review where we scored it a 9/10, and said, “The heart of the Guilty Gear franchise beats strongly in Strive, showing in it’s insanely fun gameplay, and lavishing visuals that puts this as one of the most well crafted fighters to date.”

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