Halo 4 Grifball Playlist Details – Game Types, Settings and Maps

The latest details on this Monday’s upcoming Halo 4 Griffball playlist update have been posted on the Halo Waypoint.

Two Griffball playlists will be introduced in this Monday’s update: Griffball and Griffball Pro. Griffball consists of your standard, single 12-minute rounds – first to 5 scores wins – with auto pick-up enabled. Griffball Pro, on the other hand, is made up of five 3-minute rounds with auto pick-up disabled.

Check out some of the maps that will be available in these playlists:


A sign at the door reads: “When you are done playing Grifball please use the provided space mop to clean any spilled blood. The Eggheads do not want Human DNA in the Primordial Goo Mixing Tank”.


Thin Ice

Although the court may seem dark at first glance it has quickly become a favorite among Grifball League players due to the startlingly bright visibility of enemy Spartans.


Sarge’s Laboratory

This court, set in the Grifball Court area of Erosion, features Hockey style boards and something players will never see. In order to counter a glitch where the ball may become stuck in the ceiling the entire upper portion of the court is covered with invisible 4×4 Blocks and Coliseum Walls.


Grifball Fissure

Set in the picturesque Ravine, this court is one part UNSC, one part Forerunner, and features an invisible soft ceiling to keep the ball inside the court.



Set in a reclaimed Termite Mound Structure this court plays with Forge’s lighting system to provide a low light zone where players stand out like radioactive termites.


Hangar 101

The Admiral’s private hangar features holographic lettering and a fully functional force field. The court shares several features with Halo Reach’s Grifball court Brightside. It is positioned to incorporate a natural rock wall, and the entire court is constructed at a 35 degree angle.


For a much more specific and detailed overview of all the settings and options available in this Monday’s Grifball playlist update, including  head on over to the Halo Waypoint.

Are you ready for some Grifball?

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