Halo 4 – July 1 Matchmaking Adds Lockdown Mode, Rebalances Hivemind and More

Recently, Halo 4 developers 343 Industries have released information regarding their upcoming matchmaking update which is set to go live this Monday, July 1.

As explained by “Bravo” on the most recent Halo Bulletin, here’s a list of changes you can expect, come July 1.

July 1 Update Notes

  • Big Team Skirmish will be added to matchmaking on July 1, taking the place of Team Objective. Big Team Skirmish will include the following game types and maps:
    • Big Team CTF on the  Complex, Longbow, and Ragnarok maps.
    • Big Team KOTH to both Exile and Longbow
    • Big Team Regicide will be available on the Complex and Settler maps.
  • Flood mode will be receiving some balance tweaks in the Hivemind gametype. Flood characters now kill in two hits.
  • Hivemind will see four Forge maps added into it’s matchmaking. The maps in question are Drillsite by Pa1nts, Payload by Narb Guy, Repression by Auxi Klutch, and Temple by Mr Pokephile.
  • Mini Slayer in the Action Sack playlist will receive a new map, “Napoleo,” which will use a blocked-off section of Complex’s central cliff side base and provides compact, arena-esque chaos.
  • Dominion playlist will be receiving a tweak, which allows base resupplies to replenish standard loudout and grenades, instead of heavy drops.
  • In addition to the Dominion tweak, it will also be receiving a new match type called Lockdown, which has teams fighting for control over a central base. You can view the rules for Lockdown below:

Lockdown Rules

  • Score to win: 100
  • Capture Points: 0
  • Standard Capture Time: 1
  • Fortified Capture Time: 5
  • Fortify Points: 0
  • Fortify Time: 15
  • Resupply Points: 10
  • Resupply Frequency: 25
  • Last Stand: False

Are you guys looking forward to these changes? Let us know in the comment section.

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