Halo 4 Playlist Update For Monday, December 3

Another week, another Halo 4 playlist update! Along with news of next week’s updates, 343 Industries lets us in on what was patched and tweaked in last week’s update.

Along with last Monday’s playlist update and 4th Spartan Ops episode, 343 Industried pushed out yet another playlist update tweaking the following items:

  • Fixed scripting issues in Regicide
  • Fixed exploit locations on Solace
  • Fixed KotH on Complex
  • Fixed Mantis spawn timer on Meltdown
  • Made late joining improvements to Join in Progress in all game types
  • Reduced the window for Join in Progress in Slayer game types
  • Made improvements to Join in Progress for uneven starts

As for this coming Monday, SWAT will once again be returning due to its continued popularity, though FFA Throwback will be swapped for Team Regicide. As explained in the latest Halo Bulletin update, “Team Regicide is an all-new game mode in Halo 4, and it is a much different experience from the FFA version. The leading player from each team is crowned King and is worth a fixed 25 points to the other team; this makes protecting your King just as important as killing the enemy leader.”

Additionally, “Team Regicide features several medals, HUD, an announcer VO unique to the team variant, and is a heavily teamwork-focused game type, emphasizing many 4 vs. 4 team encounters and strategy. Unlike FFA Regicide, the King’s bonus does not fluctuate as the King gets kills.”

Team Regicide will be playable on the following maps:

  • Haven
  • Adrift
  • Complex
  • Solace
  • Abandon

As usuale, Community Manager Jessica Shea provides us “noobs” with a few tips and tricks for the newly introduced game mode:

  • Protect your King: Keeping your King alive is the key to success in Team Regicide. The other team will know where your King is!
  • Communicate: Keep an open line of communication with teammates and your King.
  • Use the boosts: It’s often best to time an offensive when your King has a power-up for that extra advantage in a team fight.
  • Hunt the enemy King: Especially if your team is down, the points are almost always worth it!

Lastly, check out the settings used for Team Regicide:

  • Teams: 4 vs. 4
  • Score to Win: 750
  • King Logic: Leading player [medal points] from each team
  • Regicide Points: 25 Fixed
  • Execution Points: 15
  • King Power-Up: Enabled
  • Time Limit: 12 Minutes

That concludes what you can look forward to in this Monday’s playlist update. As usual, expect another episode of Spartan Ops. Also, make sure to check out the latest trailer and screens for Halo 4’s first DLC, the Crimson Map Pack.

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