Halo 4 Solace Walkthrough, New Live-Action Series and Halo Waypoint Trailer

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Join us as we take a look at the Halo 4 map Solace, check out a brand new Halo live-action series and view some of the latest updates being made to Halo Waypoint in preparation for Halo 4, launching November 6 on the Xbox 360.

Another week, another Halo 4 map walkthrough. This time we’re checking out Solace:

Courtesy of IGN.

Also there seems to be a new Halo live-action series called Respawn that details what happens after a Spartan dies. Aalthough it doesn’t look like it’s tied to Halo 4, it does seem interesting in an unusual way.

Halo Waypoint has also put out a trailer detailing some nifty changes and updates that will be made to it once Halo 4 has been released. By adding a slew of new features once the game is released, 343 seems to be trying to outdo itself for its first Halo game.

Check it out below!

Thats it for today. Hope you guys enjoy! Each day is one step closer to the its inevitable release. Hope your’e ready. Check back soon for more Halo 4 coverage.

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