Halo 4’s Vortex Multiplayer Map Revealed

New map details have emerged from the recently released Halo 4 Multiplayer behind-the-scenes walkthrough.

Not only did some keen eyes over at Halo 4 Nation snag some screens of the entire map list that was in the video, but some nice images of the map Vortex as well. Supposedly, this is the Waterworks/Blood Gulch map hinted as by 343 Industries earlier, but we’ll know soon enough.

Check it out:

This is definitely a more vehicle friendly Halo than we’ve seen in the past, and personally, I like that a lot. What do you guys think so far? Ten new maps (Solace, Adrift, Haven, Exile, Complex, Longbow, Ragnarok, Meltdown, Abandon, and Vortex). Three Forge maps ( Ravine, Impact, and Erosion). And nine DLC maps that we know of so far. Add that to the Campaign, that’s slated to be at 10-12 hours, and weekly updates of Spartan Ops. Please tell me how this game could not screw up.

Thanks, Halo 4 Nation!

Sound off below and let us know what you think so far of the grand package that is Halo 4?

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