Halo Infinite Helmet Images Leak via Datamine, Including One From Fallout

The leaks for Halo Infinite continue, with a ton of details regarding the game coming out in bits and pieces over the past few weeks. Even 343 Industries’ precious headguards are not safe, as now, it appears that a lot of Halo Infinite helmet images have leaked online, showcasing most of the cosmetic items players will choose from once the game finally launches. What’s more, it seems the Xbox and Bethesda partnership has spilled over, as there’s a Fallout helmet for Master Chief spotted, too!

Check out the datamined helmet leak for Halo Infinite below.

Halo Infinite (Incomplete) Helmet List:

Halo Infinite helmet

As you can see, aside from the Fallout one, there’s also one that has a man-bun? Aside from the regular looking helmets, expect some of these to be seasonal cosmetic drops given the game will feature a Battle Pass for the first time.

Besides these helmets, we also now have confirmation on what the Snowman helmet cosmetic will look like. Check it out below:

Halo Infinite Snowman Helmet:

Halo Infinite helmet

A few days ago, a huge datamine determined the list of all abilities in the game, selectable emotes, weapons, vehicles and campaign medals. Same as with every datamined info, there is no guarantee that we’ll see all of the stuff mentioned above in the final build of the game.

In other, more official Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries has confirmed that campaign co-op, and Forge mode won’t be available at launch.

Halo Infinite is set for release this holiday for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: NoHaloLeaks (Twitter)

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