Halo Infinite New Screenshots Show Massive Visual Improvements Since Demo Showcase

halo infinite campaign

It seems that 343 Industries is putting the Halo Infinite delay to good use, as a batch of Halo Infinite new screenshots have been released, showing some rather large improvements since the last time we saw it.

In a blog post on the official Halo Waypoint site, staffers of 343 Industries took to discuss some of the development behind Halo Infinite, including some of visual changes that are accompanied with some new screenshots.

This year I’m most excited to see the efforts of the Graphics team come together.

 My main focus as Graphics Producer is partnering with engineering leadership to set and prioritize goals, as well as resolving blockers and empowering our engineers to do their best work.

 Following the Campaign demo last July, the team has been continuously iterating on outstanding graphics and lighting work to deliver a more immersive experience. This additional level of polish required the coordination of multiple disciplines, such as: Graphics, Lighting, Environments, Characters, Sandbox, and more. This team effort is finally coming together, and we are very excited to share some of the results with our community today!

In the same spirit, we’ve been regularly reviewing the Xbox versions of Halo Infinite with our multiple partner teams. And while the work-in-progress images we are presenting today are captured on a PC – which we’ll dive deeper on in a future blog post – we are committed to deliver a great experience and high level of visual fidelity across all platforms.” – Alex Le Boulicaut, Graphics Producer

While the images are of the PC version of Halo: Infinite, it’s important to remember that the original Halo Infinite demo was also running on PC. If you need a refresher of how that looks, have a watch below.

Now that you’ve been refreshed, here are the brand new Halo Infinite screenshots!

Talk about a huge improvement! Environments have far more details, and the lighting is an absolute overhaaul over the previous demo showcase. This is certainly starting to look more like what fans wanted, and we cannot wait to get our hands on Halo Infinite when it releases later this year.

Kudos to 343 Industries for the improvements!

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