Here Are the Anthem Javelin Types Players Can Use at Launch, Skills and Abilities Detailed

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With Anthem quietly but quickly approaching its February 2019 release date, BioWare has now decided to let gamers know more about each javelin gamers will get to pilot in the final game.

BioWare has detailed the Anthem javelin suits players will be able to pilot at launch! For those not familiar, Anthem will have exosuits called javelins that will have different abilities and skills, which will suit different play styles.

As a side note: as the game is currently in development, BioWare has mentioned that some game or all game features are subject to change.

Ranger Javelin:

All Freelancers train on the Ranger first in Anthem. Not because it’s the easiest, but because it’s the most versatile. In the hands of a master pilot, the Ranger can achieve feats of combat prowess that no other javelin can touch.

The Ranger javelin has a deep bag of tricks to draw from, and there is no combat situation it can’t take on effectively. With access to a wide variety of weapon types, the Ranger is a true wild card that can complement any team and any mission.

Ranger Javelin Exosuit Abilities

Shock Mace: When the Ranger javelin chooses to mix it up at close range, it deploys an electrified mace to send a medically-inadvisable amount of voltage through its enemies.

Grenades: Quick to deploy, grenades lay down area damage for effective crowd control at a moment’s notice. Modified grenades can be found out in the field which can be equipped to create different effects, including Frost and Seeker Grenades.

Muster Point: An effective field commander, the Ranger is capable of creating a Rally Point which provides gear cooldown reduction to teammates who enter its radius.

Multi-target Missile Battery: A powerful volley of micro-missiles, the Ranger’s ultimate ability allows it to target dozens of fast-moving enemies with guided projectiles that pummel the opposition with devastating concussive force.

Storm Javelin:

A Sound of Thunder

The Storm javelin first arrived in Fort Tarsis as a rumor. Developed by the Dominion in their Northern home of Stralheim, the Storm uses a powerful technology known as “seals” to boost the latent kinesis powers of its pilot. The result is a javelin that can float effortlessly above the ground and unleash the raw energy of the Anthem. Only through painstaking Arcanist research has anyone outside the Dominion had a chance to wield the Storm’s awesome potential. And while the Storm can channel unbelievable amounts of elemental force, it has little in the way of defensive capabilities and requires an expert pilot to stay above the fight and dish out damage from a safe distance.

Storm Javelin Exosuit Features

Hover: By manipulating kinetic energy, the Storm is able to maintain a low hover and remain mobile and combat-effective while in mid-air. This allows the pilot to keep distance from their enemies and keep a clear vantage point over the entire battle.

Teleportation: With its incredible command of kinesis abilities, the Storm can maneuver in the air, moving through space instantaneously to arrive at a new position nearby, evading its enemies.

Appetite for Destruction

We’ve all been there. Faced up against a roiling horde of fanged monstrosities, firing off round after useless round into the ocean of carapaced beasts, getting absolutely nowhere, and slowly at that. Well friends, we don’t have to live like that anymore. Meet Anthem’s Colossus, a hulking war machine designed to clear out entire hives of vicious predatory fauna with mounted artillery, heavy arms, or even, yes, a flamethrower. It’s got reinforced armor plating. It’s got jet propulsion. It’s got a cannon. I’m pretty sure it’s even got a cupholder (it doesn’t). If you’re looking to trample through the wilderness in comfort with heavy artillery strapped to your back, the Colossus is for you.

Colossus Javelin Exosuit Abilities

Heavy Smash: The Colossus can use its massive chassis as a weapon both in a diving smash attack from the air and a hammering melee attack. This not only clears out smaller enemies instantly, but has a chance to knock down foes and leave them open to follow-up attacks.

Shield: Providing immense frontal damage mitigation, the Colossus can deploy a shield from its arm in order to close distance on an attacking enemy or charge through environmental hazards as easy as you please. The shield is also deployable while the Colossus is hovering or flying.

High Explosive Mortar: The heavier chassis of the Colossus allows for larger weaponry to be mounted and operated – including a ballistic mortar. An excellent ambush tactic, the mortar rains down punishing amounts of damage and finishes fights just as well as it starts them.

Siege Cannon: The Colossus’ ultimate ability, the Siege Cannon is pure mayhem unleashed on the battlefield. Just aim it at something you want to disappear, pull the trigger, and watch the magic act.

Always Two Steps Ahead

The Interceptor javelin might not have the imposing silhouette of the Colossus, but it still knows how to pack a punch. The Interceptor excels at getting in close to inflict damage and weaken its enemies, then dashing away before they can react. With powerful blades and a full suite of devastating abilities, the Interceptor is both incredibly self-reliant and an excellent supporting squadmate.

Interceptor Javelin Exosuit Features

Interceptor Javelin Exosuit Melee Ability

Every javelin has an innate melee ability which can be used to deal damage to targets at very close range. This ability does not need to be earned, nor can it be changed.

Double-Bladed Daggers: The Interceptor uses a pair of double-bladed daggers to deliver a multi-hit flurry of slashes, dealing damage in a chain of powerful attacks that can be continued indefinitely.

Interceptor Javelin Gear

This list is coming very soon…

Interceptor Javelin Ultimate Ability

More on this soon…

There are a lot more Anthem info out there right now. EA has revealed all the ways players can get to play Anthem early. End game players will be glad to know that Anthem’s versions of raids will have matchmaking, though item trading won’t be available in the game. Finally, don’t forget to check out the latest Anthem gameplay trailer right here.

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