Here’s a Comprehensive List of Battlefield 2042 Missing Features Present in Past BF Games

Battlefield 2042 Next Update

While DICE introduced Specialists in Battlefield 2042, there’s no denying that the game lacks certain features that past Battlefield games had. From a more robust weapons list, server browser functionality, leaning taken out, and more, here’s a huge list of the Battlefield 2042 missing features (both good and bad) that veteran fans will remember were in past Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2042 Missing Features:

Core Features

  • No single-player story/campaign mode
  • No standard server browser
  • Fewer standardized game modes (Can’t even play TDM or smaller scale modes without relying on community servers. Really?)
  • No standard hardcore mode
  • No persistent lobbies (seriously why do I have to matchmake after EVERY round?)
  • Fewer in-game assignments
  • No class system
  • Less character customization options (than BF5)
  • No profile progress/stats page in the menu
  • No battle log/stats tracker for other players
  • No global leader boards
  • No dog tags (they still sort of exist I guess?)
  • No custom emblems
  • No cross-game profile screen (BF 4, HL, 1, and V were all linked by a menu if you owned them digitally, was a neat feature.)
  • No spectator mode
  • No permanent community servers (would be useful for clans and events)
  • No Central US servers
  • No test range (this one is sort of compensated for with single payer servers vs bots)

Infantry Gameplay

  • Fewer guns (even including all the portal guns, BF4 still had more at launch)
  • Fewer infantry gadgets
  • No manual leaning
  • No diving while swimming
  • No high wall vaulting
  • No crouch sprinting
  • No backwards prone
  • No explosion knockback
  • No rolling after falling from heights
  • No ammo or health pickup off teammates
  • No scope zeroing
  • No tiered reloads/paused reloads
  • No melee weapon choices
  • No thermal optics
  • No indirect fire gadgets
  • Less anti-tank launchers (Come on man only one?)
  • No lock-on launchers (The M5 works with the SOFLAM but that requires 2 people)
  • No AP mines/claymores
  • No suppression mechanic (This one I don’t mind but I’m including everything)
  • No first person takedown animations (whether this is a downgrade is up for debate, but I think it is)


  • Fewer vehicle types (and separate vehicle progression per faction even though they are functionally identical… why???)
  • No naval vehicles (Except I guess the hovercraft technically)
  • Cannot spawn in a passenger seat in transports at round start.
  • No vehicle gunner direction indicator
  • No lock on direction indicator
  • No unoccupied seat indicator on friendly vehicles
  • No vehicle enter/exit animations
  • No tank turret decoupling (This was so great in BF4!)
  • Less vehicle driver/pilot customization options
  • No tank zoom customization options
  • No tank gunner customization options
  • No heli gunner secondary weapons
  • No separate heli/fixed-wing controls
  • No rocket aiming reticle for helictopters
  • No control input while looking behind/free looking in aircraft (BF1 and V pilots, this one is gonna absolutely suck for you guys)
  • No joystick/non-generic gamepad support
  • General consensus seems to be that the helicopter and fixed wing flight models are a step down from BF4.
  • No behemoths

Scoring System

  • No squad wipe scoring
  • No player damage points
  • No vehicle damage points
  • No vehicle kill assist points
  • No headshot bonus
  • No long-range kill bonus
  • No assist counts as kill bonus
  • No multi-kill bonus
  • No killstreak stopped bonus
  • No comeback bonus
  • No squad objective play bonus
  • Oversimplified teamplay scoring (i.e. healing a teammate always gives you a flat +5xp rather than being based on how much you heal them)

Squad and Teamwork

  • No commander
  • No special squad call-in abilities
  • No squad field upgrades
  • No in-game VOIP (coming soonTM)
  • Fewer factions (with almost nothing to give the 2 factions any distinction)
  • No cross-team chat
  • No team changing
  • No “create new squad” option
  • No self protmot to squad lead using “request order”
  • No clans/platoons (coming soonTM)
  • No view of squadmates while in the spawn screen
  • No “Medic incoming” indicator in downed state (coming soonTM)
  • No rank names/icons, just a number.


  • Lack of persistent servers means poor map rotation (I played for 10 hours and never saw Kaleidescope, Orbital, or Breakaway)
  • Fewer base game maps (not including portal maps)
  • No static weapon emplacements
  • Fewer destructible buildings
  • Very poor balance between vehicle and infantry gameplay
  • No infantry focused maps
  • No game changing levolution
  • Absolutely zero cover between capture zones
  • Poor spawn points (Constantly spawning in the open/visible to enemies)
  • No fortification building (given how open all the maps are, this could have been super useful)
  • Fewer urban areas
  • No naval maps

UI and Quality of Life

  • Less control customization options
  • Less UI customization options
  • No HUD/icon opacity customization
  • No HUD scaling customization options
  • No gunsight reticle customization options
  • No network performance graph
  • No individual player scoreboard
  • No ability to zoom in on the spawn map
  • Less detail in the ‘who killed you’ screen
  • Less ultrawide monitor support (hud ratio is locked in at 16:9)
  • Very poor friend joining system (Lack of server browser makes playing with more than 4 friends completely impossible)
  • Poor console aim assist (big fat fuck you to console players there, dice. Hopefully this will come with the D1 patch)
  • No in game crossplay toggle option (you have to change your global console settings)


  • General consensus seems to be the audio design is bad, especially compared to both BF3 and BF1.
  • 3D soundscape is almost non-exsistent
  • Less impactful soundtrack (menu music is very dull and repetitive)
  • End of round music is dull and uninteresting (compared to BF1 and V this is a big downgrade)
  • End of round voicelines are just so tone-deaf and awful. I can’t describe how much I hate them. (Tried to keep the rest of the list objective, but I had to add this. You guys understand)

Bear in mind, some of the features removed were for the betterment of the franchise (subjective, but veterans would know what we mean). Also, there is a possiblity that some or a majority of these said missing BF2042 features might make it into the game via patches. Speaking of patches, DICE has released a list of fixes incoming to the game as part of a patch, which is listed here.

Source:  Jellyswim!

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1 year ago

This is basically a wishlist, of every feature that has ever been in a Battlefield game. Laughable to call Single-player Campaign a “core feature”, when it wasn’t even part of the franchise until either BF3 or BF4. Playable Naval Vessels hasn’t even been in the game since 1942.

There’s no denying that 2042 lacks “certain” quality of life features, or functions like a Server Browser (outside of Portal). But the above wishlist is NEVER gonna happen.

Reply to  ThisWay1701
1 year ago

Who shoved a stick up your a$$?

Reply to  ThisWay1701
1 year ago

This is not a wishlist, the author clearly stated this is a list of missing features, both good and bad.

BF3 is 10 years old, dude. And not having a campaign, present for 10 years is a significant missing feature. “Core” or not is a matter of semantics.

BF2042 is missing more than just “quality of life” stuff. It is less of a game than BF4 was.

Reply to  ThisWay1701
1 year ago

I guess you never played bf4? Because there is alot of naval vehicles in that one. Don’t comment unless you know what you are talking about

Reply to  ThisWay1701
1 year ago

Nearly every major BF game since 2008 has had a story mode. Basically 7 straight titles starting with Bad Company have all had story mode campaigns so I’d say by now it’s safe to say it has been a core feature for quite a while now.

Reply to  ThisWay1701
9 days ago

You forget about BC? What a pleb. “laughable to call Single-player Campaign a ‘core feature’ , when it was t even part of the franchise until EITHER bf3 or bf4” you typed that out with such confidence in yourself that it’s laughable to think a kid like you even knows wtf they’re talking about.

Don Merrill
1 year ago

This feels more like hardline 2 not battlefield

1 year ago

Things like the tiered relpad, peak and lean, levalution and many more were what made bf 4 great. It was way ahead of its time. It is horrible to see them sell out. Not many people I know played bf, because it was to hard for them. It was not like other games at all and was the game to get me back into online fps since games like quake 3. I have a Xbox gold subscription pretty much just for bf and only because of bf. I am so disappointed with how much money I have spent on this franchise and the last 3 games now. I have run servers on bf4 on and off for about 7years and have spent about $1,100 on the franchise. Not any more.

Reply to  James
9 days ago

I mean it’s safe to say that the team whole developed all that stuff for bf3 and 4 are lost to the wind. Companies find it easier to hire new bloods fresh out of school for cheaper wages than to keep veteran developers around cause over time they can start demanding to get paid more and more.

1 year ago

I truly hope Dice will fix majority of these issues. Whoever decided it was a good idea to limit the vehicles, weapon gadgets, should have surely left it alone.. I Hate the aiming system as well..bf4 was so perfect to me. Can’t they communicate with the past creators and take notes🤔.

Reply to  Christine
9 days ago

Dice doesn’t care anymore. The old structure of dice was replaced by more company centered people who think profit means more than product

1 year ago

who the heck would want this “No vehicle enter/exit animations”

Reply to  AMG80247734
1 year ago

Apparently people who like bf1 and bfv. It is a downgrade, because it really immerses you and it shows attention to detail from the developers you idi0t

1 year ago

They also don’t have thermal for vehicles, and no boat combat like in battlefield 4

1 year ago

If you really think about why games are getting dull boring and uninteresting we could blame ourselves for pre ordering and bigging games up before they are finished I don’t know when’s the last time I’ve been hyped up for a game and it’s been 2 years since I bought one . It’s time to lay down the controllers for a while and let game studios rethink their whole modo as a business

Reply to  ivan
1 year ago

I’m done with preordering games, they release unfinished games and just work on them as you play, I’m so tired of that.

1 year ago

This game should have been released two years later. EA rushed this game so they could try to compete with Call of Duty and it backfired. When are they going to understand that this is a completely different game from Call of duty and it requires more time to make? EA has probably the greediest CEO out there and it’s affecting their games.

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