Heroes of Newerth Patch Adds New Rewards, Tweaks Compression & More

The latest patch for Heroes of Newerth introduces additional end of season rewards, a new combo set and more.

In addition to this, several heroes have received bug fixes including: Engineer, Flint Beastwood and more.

Find the patch notes for Champions of Newerth below:

Champions of Newerth

Changes to Matchmaking for Champions of Newerth for Season 5:

– You may only queue for this mode as a solo, duo, trio, or as five.

* If you queue as five players, then you will only be matched up against another queue of five players. No exceptions.

– Compression algorithms have been revised to improve Matchmaking Balance:

* Rank Compression will no longer occur for players having a Rank between Silver 3 and Legendary.

* Rank Compression will still occur for players having a Rank of Immortal, which will put them back to rank Legendary.

* Rank Compression magnitude has been decreased by 50% for players of Rank Silver 2 or lower.

– Removed Rank Decay from higher tier ranks.

– Recalibrated the Rank Progress impacts (for wins and losses) for Placement Matches and Regular Matches.

– Changed Trophy Avatars from varying degrees of gold effects to three distinct colors to further distinguish a players achievement:

* This change will be implemented for Season 5’s Trophy Avatar, Pebbles.

– Added additional End of Season rewards:

* Each player will now receive an icon indicating their Rank for the season.

* This icon will unlock a corresponding grab bag in store that contain an additional reward for the Season.

For the full list of new content and hero changes, click here.

Are you looking forward to getting stuck in with Season 5? Let us know below.

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Source: Heroes of Newerth

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