Hood: Outlaws & Legends Brawler Gameplay Showcases the Brute Force of a Hammer

Hood Outlaws & Legends Brawler Class Gameplay

Continuing with the trend of class showcase, Sumo Digital and Focus Interactive have released a new gameplay video for Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Here’s our first look at the Hood: Outlaws & Legends Brawler class!

You can watch the newest trrailer down below, and don’t forget, if you haven’t already be sure to check out the other two class videos, The Hunter and The Ranger!

About Hood Outlaws & Legends Brawler Class:

Dominate your foes with brute force The Brawler is a man who exchanged his blacksmith’s hammer for a sledgehammer, vowing to battle against the corruption that plagues his country. A master of melee combat, the Brawler excels at holding defensive lines, creating new paths for allies, and of course, team fights. His powerful weapon is capable of wide sweeps to clear groups of enemies, overhead attacks to instant-kill unarmored targets, and a sprint attack which knocks nearby targets off their feet. The Brawler can also lift open portcullises for allies when areas have gone under lockdown – perfect for making an escape from alerted guards, or to further punish the enemy team for getting caught. Explosive grenades bring even more destruction, capable of taking out a group of elite knights, eliminating a sniper hiding in a crow’s nest, or putting the Sheriff down. His Ultimate Ability, Wrath, calls on the Brawler’s bestial fury to push his physical strengths to their limits, gaining increased durability and infinite stamina to relentlessly chase and defeat targets.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 10. Pre-orders will receive an exclusive three days early access. 


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