Housemarque New Game “Stormdivers” Teased in Short Clip


If you’re a fan of Housemarque’s titles like Dead Nation and Nex Machina, and the news that the studio is moving away from arcade shoot-’em-ups made you a bit sad, then this might be the perfect remedy as the Housemarque new game (or project) has just been given the teaser trailer treatment!

In a press release, Finnish studio Housemarque has announced it’s new game titled “Stormdivers.” While no actual gameplay is shown in the teaser trailer, the press release mentions it’s a new multiplayer IP, with the official reveal and announcement happening next week at gamescom.

According to Housemarque, fans can expect a lot more footage on a more frequent basis, and a deeper look into what makes it different from what the studio has made before, as well as when compared to the competition.

We know it’ll have vehicles and guns, and it won’t be an arcade shooter. If the studio can bring the same level of quality as its previous titles, then fans are in for a treat.

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