Hunt Showdown “As the Crow Flies” Gameplay Features New Content, Here’s the List of New Stuff

Hunt Showdown As the Crow Flies Gameplay

The teaser not enough for you? Crytek has released a new trailer for Hunt Showdown, and this is for the “As the Crow Flies” event starting on March 24! There are new items, login bonuses, and of course, a big new baddie! Check out the Hunt Showdown As the Crow Flies gameplay trailer below.

Update: If you’re looking for the As the Crow Flies patch notes, head on over here.

Some of the Hunt Showdown As the Crow Flies new content incoming are:

  • Bomb Lance – Shrike (Act 2 Unlock – 1200 Event Points)
  • Chain Pistol – Dark Miasma (Event Login Bonus)
  • Concertina – Scavenger’s Snare (Act 2 Unlock – 200 Event Points)
  • First Aid Kit – The Marrow (Act 2 Unlock – 400 Event Points)
  • Exclusive Gear – (Act 2)
  • Sticky Bomb – Sweet Briar (Act 2 Unlock – 800 Event Points)
  • Reliquaries – Iron, Silver, Ivory
  • Legendary Hunter – Plague Doctor (Act 2 Unlock – 2000 Event Points)

The event starts on March 24 and will run until April 12! Chances are, we’ll get a patch tomorrow or on the day itself for the event, and if we do, we’ll let our readers know.

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