Hunt Showdown Update 1.03 Released, Here’s the List of Fixes

hunt showdown update 1.06

Crytek has released a new Hunt: Showdown patch for consoles and it’s live now! Called the Hunt Showdown 1.2.1 patch, console gamers will see this as Hunt Showdown update 1.03, and it brings a host of gameplay and technical fixes.

Hunt Showdown update 1.03 patch notes:


Control Improvements

  • Reduced perceivable delay after in-game camera rotation and character movement (Input Lag).

Developer note:

With our latest fixes to input lag, we’ve shaved off the most outstanding delays Hunt had between player input and on-screen responses. When you try out the new update you should definitely feel like aiming is more responsive, as we are now ensuring that input is processed in the same frame it is read by our systems.

This is not to say all delay has been eliminated, some will still remain, both in hardware latency from your controller to the console, but also on our end due to the way the rendering pipeline is built. We are still investigating ways to further improve on this end, but be advised that any improvements to be made will take a much longer time to materialize. However, we are confident that the changes we’ve done now will already present a world of difference in the quality of your experience, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

  • Increased sensitivity setting ranges.

Developer note:

In line with the improvements to input lag, we took the opportunity to also adjust some of the settings for controller sensitivity. Players now have effectively three times the range compared to before to adjust their sensitivity settings. (Please note that for the sake of readability in the menu, we only increased the maximum amount from 2 to 3 visually, but incorporated a new scale factor.) Players, who wish to reduce the ‘ turning extra strength ‘ setting (acceleration at input limit) should now be able to achieve more comfortable turn speeds. We recommend that players adjust or reset their sensitivity settings to fully utilize all adjustments that we have made and find the best settings for them

  • Disabled the aim assist feature for the Nitro Express rifle in order to avoid it being exploited in close-quarters fights.

 Default Gamma

  • Increased the default Gamma for Playstation 4 in order to help with extremely dark locations (especially during Night Time contracts).


  • Fixed a number of crashes.


Performance & Stability

  • Clients might crash during gameplay or upon loading back to the menu.

UI & Meta

  • Book of Weapons item unlock popup repeats after every Training session if an item was unlocked in the last normal mission before playing the tutorial.

  • Persistent grouping doesn’t work sometimes when returning from a match.

  • Starting the game with a completely new profile doesn’t show the Tutorial Hunter selection screen (the hunter can still be selected manually though).

  • Disabled “Auto-Hide Equipment Display” and “Auto-Hide Health and Stamina Displays” can lead to some UI elements overlapping.

  • The chat key can’t be customized yet.

  • Tutorial: After respawning, guns that aren’t fully loaded trigger replenishment icon even if the total ammo is already maxed out.

  • Dying to an explosive that exploded due to world fire shows a wrong death screen.

  • Players might end up in a state where the UI shows them in a group, although they are not.

  • Team members might not be rendered immediately upon joining a group. Switching tabs will make them appear.


  • Stamina consumption for two consecutive heavy melee attacks with the Sparks rifle might be incorrect.

  • Reloading the Sparks right after a shot, before cocking the hammer, cocks the hammer twice and delays the reload.

  • World items in some specific spots might not always be equippable.

  • Melee attacks might not break windows when standing very close to them.

  • Any attack of AI instantly explodes a barrel that is set on fire (and doesn’t damage the AI).

  • Tutorial: Camera position might briefly jump to spawn location right before extraction.

  • Hive Bomb throw cannot be canceled anymore by holding the item in the hands.

  • If a player jumps on a ladder and jumps off immediately, he might fall through the ground.


  • The Spider can become stuck sometimes.

  • The Spider can bump repeatedly into a player it just floored.

  • Butcher might teleport to the lower floor in Davant Ranch.

  • Immolator can have problems choosing a target when 2 players stand on opposite sites of fences.

  • Leeches can sometimes survive the death of their Meatheads.

Visuals & Audio

  • Texture and/or animation streaming can sometimes be slow.

  • Distances for boss whispers are slightly off when the boss is underground.

  • In rare cases, players might see a permanent ghosting effect on the skybox.

  • Minor animation issues can occur when switching between weapons/items or during exhausted attacks.

  • Throwable world items don’t get rendered anymore when throwing them very far.

  • Aperture sight unfolds for one frame when playing the unfolding animation.

  • Player’s arms stretch in third person when throwing an Axe or Hammer (with Tomahawk Trait).

  • The last shot using the Fanning trait doesn’t have muzzle flash and audio when shooting all bullets in one go.

  • Grunts might sometimes spawn in player’s sight.

If you haven’t bought it yet, go read up on our review to see if it’s worth the price of admission.

Source: Reddit

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