id Software Talks Doom Eternal Battle Pass, Cosmetics, and Boosters

Confirmed earlier this year, id Software finally discusses what exactly the DOOM  Eternal Battle Pass system is along with detailing how the in-game boosters work.

Much like many others out there, DOOM Eternal battle pass will give players a huge collection of seasonal rewards. These rewards are earned by gaining XP (Singleplayer & Multiplayer)  to reach different tiers in the battle pass. In total, Doom Eternal battle pass features three kinds of tier levels, which are:

Deluxe Edition – Basic level cosmetics (Common)

Special Edition – Tier above basic (Rare). Includes accessories and a few minor changes.

Master Collection – Top of the line collectibles (Legendary and Exotics). These are full 3-D model updates, so they differ from the previous editions as they are whole new assets altogether.

And you might be wondering how much all this cost? Well, absolutely nothing, except your time I suppose. DOOM Eternal will not feature a paid Battle Pass or an in-game store!

As for what boosters are? Well, they’re pretty much free XP that can be earned passively based on friends gameplay. It doesn’t take away from them or you, they are literally just bonuses that you can activate. id Software described it as a “like” button that gives you rewards.

DOOM Eternal is launching this Friday on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. The Nintendo Switch version will be launching at a later date. Expect Doom Eternal multiplayer to be heavily supported after launch, with more cosmetics, seasonal events, and balancing updates. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as new content is revealed.

Getting DOOM Eternal on PC? Well, make sure to check out the official minimum and recommended system requirements here: Doom Eternal System Requirements

Also, don’t forget to check out the latest trailer celebrating the game’s launch: DOOM Eternal Launch trailer

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