Impressive Mod Breathes New Life Into Halo: Combat Evolved on PC

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Halo‘s strong following is continuing to keep the legend alive with new mods that significantly improve upon Combat Evolved’s original launch on PC launch back in 2003.

A new mod called from the “Custom Map Team” called SPV3 that was recently brought to our attention takes things to an impressive new level with substantial upgrades to Combat Evolved’s visuals and gameplay.

In addition to a complete visual overhaul, new environments, extended levels, and new features, the mod also introduces some of the vehicles, weapons, new enemies, abilities from some of the more recent Halo releases, turning it into a sort of “best of” mod, if you will.

SPV3 launches in increments with its next release this November. The entirety of the mod should be out by Christmas of this year. Be sure to check out the release date trailer above to see it in action and follow along with the development process over on

Halo: Combat Evolved is getting yet another official re-release from developer 343 Industries in Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, due out this November 11.

Thanks, Kotaku

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