Incoming Battlefield 3 Premium-Exclusive Double XP Weekend Event

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Battlefield 3’s second Double XP weekend event came to a close last night, but if you are one of those few who simply can’t get enough and happen to be a Premium member, you are in luck.

Next weekend, DICE and EA will be holding yet another Double XP weekend event, but this time exclusively to Battlefield 3 Premium members. This will be the first of many Premium events as indicated by the Premium Calendar.

These are the details below as seen on the Battlelog:

Premium exclusive Double XP event June 23-24
Who: Exclusive to Premium members only
Formats: All
Servers: Any ranked
Game modes: Any
Maps: Any (Base game, Back to Karkand, and Close Quarters)
What: Double everything
When: See table below

PDT timings (Los Angeles)
Event starts Saturday 23, 07:01
Event ends Monday 25, 06:59

Event start times
Los Angeles – June 23 – 00:01:00
Stockholm – June 23 – 09:01:00
Paris – June 23 – 09:01:00
New York – June 23 – 03:01:00
Tokyo – June 23 – 16:01:00
Moscow – June 23 – 11:01:00

How did everyone enjoy last weekend’s Double XP event? How are you guys liking the new Close Quarters maps?

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