Infinity Ward Drops the Ban Hammer on Cheaters and Boosters in MW3

In an attempt to mitigate cheating and boosting in Modern Warfare 3, Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, has announced that Infinity Ward is starting round one of the banning process.

Robert stated that the “1st round of bans [are] going out.” He went on to explain what the ban entails, “any player attempting to play unfairly or boost rank will be banned from leaderboards and from playing.”

This shouldn’t come as any surprise as Robert Bowling has recently told Chicagonow that handling cheaters and boosters is a “major focus” as MW3 developers have “put in tools that allow [them] to be reactive”. He explained, “we can edit leaderboards. We can prevent players from appearing on the leaderboards. We control their ability to play temporarily or permanently.”

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