Injustice 2 Update Now Live on Xbox One, Arriving on PS4 Next Week

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A new Injustice 2 update is now live for Xbox One. PS4 players will receive the update next week. The new patch improves general and online stability, makes changes to certain stages, specific characters and more.

In addition to this, Warner Bros. has now implemented Xbox One X support, increasing depth of field, enhancing motion blur and general overall quality.

Find the list of Injustice 2 general gameplay fixes below:

  • Patch is live on Xbox will arrive on PS4 early next week.
  • General and Online stability improvements
  • Added support for Xbox One X (including improved shadow quality, enhanced motion blur, better depth of field, overall higher quality post-processing, increased character detail, higher resolution, and HDR support)
  • Improved rewards for completing Guild Multiverse Tiers
  • Various Movelist corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Captain Cold, Cyborg, Dr. Fate, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Poison Ivy, and Robin
  • Fixed some Credits / Mother Box / Multiverse exploits
  • The Meta Challenge “Don’t spend any meter during the match” is no longer affected by an opponent’s meter draining attacks
  • Multiverse Sidekicks now have a 3 ⅔ second cooldown (was 7 seconds)
  • Fixed many instances of the indicator incorrectly displaying “Counter” instead of “Punish”
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Down + Medium attacks to not be invulnerable to High Attacks during some of their recovery frames when continuing to hold Down
  • Background Bounce Environmental Interactions are now more consistent for all character regardless of facing and stance
  • Fixed an issue with Alternate Controls that allowed some special moves to be executed with shortcuts during pre-jump frames while Input Shortcuts option was turned off
  • Acrobat & Gadget Character’s Bomb Environmental Interactions now Jump/Plant the bombs 6 frames faster, have 14 fewer startup frames, hit mid (was unblockable), and the Jumps travel a shorter distance
  • New Nth Metal shaders are available for some characters.

For the Stage Specific Fixes and Character Specific Fixes, click here. (Warning: There’s a fair amount of small tweaks and the list is long!)

Happy with the changes made in this patch? Hoping for something more? Let us know. 

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Source: WB Games Community