Instinction Dev: DualSense Utilization Will Let Players Recognize Weapons Even With Eyes Closed


Announced just this year, Hasbane Interactive has a mammoth of a project on their hands, as the studio is working on what they call a spritual successor to the Dino Crisis franchise with “Instinction.”

While no official gameplay footage has been revealed just yet, the studio talked to MP1st about the project’s inception, and how development is shaping up, With the game confirmed to be coming to next-gen consoles, we asked the devs whether there’s any plans to put the DualSense’s haptic feedback to good use. Hashbane studio co-founder Jade Saunders, and Lead Developer Richard Gold weighed in on it.

MP1: Are there plans to use the DualSense’s haptic feedback to good use? Like, say, if a dinosaur takes a bite out of the player and such?

Jade Saunder: If you were to close your eyes and play with different guns you’d soon start to recognise different weapons, even with your eyes closed.

Richard: We don’t want the focus of the game play experience to be central around just those features, but they are utilised for PS5 in the game. We want to focus on the experience of the game first and have the Dualsense features complement the experience.

Jade: I personally love the adaptive triggers for shooter games, and while some think they are just a gimmick, I think the controller as a whole really adds to the game.

Stay tuned for our full interview with the studio which should hit the site soon.

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