Instinction Devs Hashbane Interactive Secures Funding to Continue Development


Hashbane Interactive, the studio developing the dino action game “Instinction” has announced that it has secured funding for the game’s continued development. In the press release, Hashbane names New Zealand-based company Hillfarrance as the investor that swooped in with the pre-seed investment.

With the help of the funding, Hashbane is now ramping up development by hiring more staff, which includes devs, 2D/3D artists and animators, as well as partnering with outsourcing studios, too.

If you want to check out the game’s reveal trailer, which features snippets of gameplay, head on over here. We also talked to the studio last year about their vision, and of course, we talked about Dino Crisis as one might expect.

Here are Instinction’s key features per Steam:


  • Layered Narrative: Discover the intense explorative story of April Summers, a driven and formidable adventurer deeply affected by personal demons and fears.
  • Survive and Explore: Play face to face against a wide variety of ravenous prehistoric and extinct creatures. Traverse, discover, solve puzzles and complete quests filled with deadly obstacles.
  • Stunning Locations: Conquer beautifully crafted interactive environments filled with ancient ruins, caves, lore, forests, grassy plains and underwater exploration.
  • Take Control: Switch between third and first person on the fly, with customisable hud, weapons and skins, special items and collectibles.
Instinction is being developed for PC and consoles, with no firm release date set just yet.

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