Insurgency – New “Nightfall” Update Now Available on Steam for Free, Check Out the Patch Notes

Insurgency‘s latest game update, which also happens to be its biggest one yet, it now available for free on Steam.

As you might have gathered from New World Interactive’s gameplay presentation earlier this week, the new update, dubbed “Nightfall”, adds brand new gameplay elements by introducing night variants of pre-existing maps, including a day and night variant of a new map, Verticality.

The new theme puts emphasis on gadgets like the night-vision goggles and flare guns and creates challenging new experiences in the new cooperative Survival game mode.

According to NWI Founder and Game Director Jeremy Blum, “Night warfare is intense and sometimes scary in Insurgency. The Survival game mode has proven to be a great addition to the game, catering to players interested in a compelling cooperative experience that focuses on scavenging and evasion rather than progressing linearly through a map.”

A new party system lets players form a lobby and join multiplayer matches as a group. The feature is still in its early stages, however, so expect new updates down the road, including competitive matchmaking.

Lastly, many weapons have be overhauled with new sounds and animations while two new weapons, the AK-74 and M4A1, have also made the cut.

The studio has supplied a full list of patch notes so you know exactly what’s new in Insurgency’s free Nightfall update. Have a look below:

Insurgency Nightfall Update


  • New map: Verticality.
  • Added night versions of existing maps.
  • Added several Hunt maps: Peak, Sinjar and Verticality.
  • New cooperative game mode: Survival (currently supported on Market and District only).
  • New equipment: Night vision goggles and flare gun. Available on night maps, NVGs are unique to each team.
  • New weapons: AK-74 and M4A1.
  • New skins on many of the weapons including an updated M16A4 model.
  • Updated sounds for many weapons including an overhaul of the weapon handling sounds.
  • Updated weapon animations.
  • Added suppressors to shotguns and LMGs in co-operative modes.
  • Added bipod to M16A4 for Designated Marksman class.
  • Updated flashlight and laser sight models.
  • Added equipment sounds to ADS, lean and weapon raise & lower.
  • Added Infiltrate to Uprising


  • New party system in initial stage of implementation. Players can now form a lobby and all join a server together. The system will be further expanded upon in the coming months, and will eventually include a competitive matchmaking system where one party can face off against another.
  • Multiple grenade slots.
  • Added rich presence to in-game friends list which allows you to see the map and mode they are playing on.
  • Lens dirt post-processing shader.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Checkpoint:
    • Bots are now able to re-capture a control point during a counter-attack. Losing the point will also end the round.
    • You cannot advance from a counter-attack if the point is contested.
  • Bots:
    • Added silhouette system to bots to prevent players from being spotted easily on dark maps.
    • Bots can now go prone.
    • Bots will no longer fire RPGs at recently spawned players.
  • Improved lean system so that it no longer tilts the player’s view. Only the weapon will tilt.
  • Added assists to destroying caches.
  • Classes are now more distinguished in role.
  • Added active control point to various radial menu call-outs such as “Need backup” and “Area clear”.
  • A longer countdown timer will be used when the game switches teams between rounds (mp_timer_preround_switch).
  • ins_foliage entity will now make a rustling sound when players run through it.
  • Improved radial command system to provide harsher cooldowns for players spamming commands. A longer delay is used for spotting.
  • Starting supply counts are now forced in the PvP matchmaking category to create a consistent experience for players.
  • First draw animations will no longer be played for weapons outside a spawn area for any weapon type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many map exploits reported by members of the community.
  • Fixed spawn protection for human players in co-op.
  • Overview map self indicator
  • Fixed team text chat.
  • Water explosion effects now happen on the surface of the water.
  • Fixed soundscapes and packed nav files not working in Workshop maps.
  • Removed damage force from incendiary grenades so dropped weapons won’t dance around in their radius.
  • Fixed “double firing” that sometimes happened on grenade launchers.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Switching from a crouch hold to a crouch toggle will no longer make you stand up.
  • Updated localizations for Dutch, Russian and Polish.
  • Resupply button now also closes kit menu.
  • Player markers on the overview will now draw over objective icons rather hiding it.
  • Added context menu to in-game friends list.
  • Fixed server name, map and mode being cut off at resolutions above 1080p.
  • HUD styling tweaks.
  • Updated styling to loading screen to display a larger overview map.
  • You can now open the ESC menu while viewing the initial squad selection screen.

Stability Fixes and Optimization

  • Many optimizations and crash fixes to the bot code.

Modding Changes

  • Server-side Workshop:
    • Add cvar sv_workshop_mapcycle_start to allow admins to turn off automatic mapcycle starting.
    • Add command line arguments as alternative to cvars: -workshop (enables workshop), -nowsmapcycle (disable starting a mapcycle), -wsrandom (generate mapcycle in random order).
    • Fixed problems downloading files with spaces in their file name as it was inconsistent with the way the client downloaded them..
  • You can now upload files larger than 100MB.
  • You are no longer forced to use your own Workshop content. You can subscribe to your own files if you wish to use them.
  • A map file can now define in the cpsetup script which navmesh file to use through the “navfile” key designates the nav file without an extension. See the Survival maps for an example.
  • To support NVGs in your night map, you need to add a “theater_conditions” block under your cpsetup script with “?nightmap” “1”. This theater conditions system can be expanded upon in the future to add map-dependant conditions to theater scripts.
  • Weapon upgrades in theater can now define a “length” and “weight”.
  • Fixed an odd problem with theater scripts where normal explosion FX and the underwater one were flipped.
  • point_viewcontrol_multiplayer can be used in maps.
  • Added early Vscript support.
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