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Insurgency – New “Nightfall” Update Now Available on Steam for Free, Check Out the Patch Notes News 4

News 4 Insurgency‘s latest game update, which also happens to be its biggest one yet, it now available for free on Steam. As you might have gathered from New World Interactive’s gameplay presentation earlier this week, the new update, dubbed “Nightfall”, adds brand new gameplay elements by introducing night variants of pre-existing maps, including a day and night […]

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall – New Trailer News 4

News 4 Yesterday, Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ first multiplayer expansion, Onslaught, was showcased in a high-budget live action trailer called “CODnapped“. Today, the folks over at Infinity Ward have decided to give the Call Of Duty community a better glimpse at the first episode of their upcoming four-part Extinction DLC series, Nightfall. You can check out the two minute […]