Jagex Marries FPS, Strategy, and Construction In New PC Shooter, Block N Load

UK-based developer Jagex is back at it having recently announced a new first-person shooter where players build and destroy bases while shooting each other in the faces.

Block N Load is a 5 vs. 5 tactical team-based shooter that places emphasis on strategic construction. Players choose one of six combatants with their own specific loadout, strengths, and abilities. The name of the game is to build offensive and defensive placements before making a move on the enemy’s generator cubes in sequence while defending your own.

The arenas themselves are highly destructible which also leads to unpredictable matches that are different every time. Playable characters include the weapons-obsessed robot Cogwheel, the deadly ninja O.P Juan Shinobi, and the chemist-specialist Doctor Eliza Doolally. In addition to a host of active and passive abilities, players can get creative with different weapons and building blocks like mines and forcefields.

The game is now in development for PC and aims to officially launch on Steam in 2015. Those interested can get in on the game’s beta this December by following this link to the game’s official website and signing up.

You can watch the video above for a brief overview of the sort of action Block N Load offers.

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