Killer Instinct – Fulgore, Story Mode, and Online Lobbies Could Be Delayed

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Bad news for Killer Instinct fans. The much awaited March update that was set to add story mode, online lobbies, and the final character for season one of Killer Instinct, Fulgore, might see a delay.

The announcement comes from Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, who took to NeoGAF to deliver that bad news:

“We are still aiming for March for the big Fulgore/Story/Lobby release. Yes, that’s risky, because the update is chock full of content and we’re 13 days from April. I can only say we’re trying to land it. If we’re delayed out of March, it’s only because we’re being extra-careful to find and address any issues with this major content update.”

Additionally,  it appears that the trailer for Fulgore will be releasing soon, as Igreen stated that it’s coming together nicely and needs a few more tweaks.

Which feature from the March update are you looking forward to the most?