Killzone: Shadow Fall Significantly Cuts Down on Loading Times, Requires 7.5 GB Install Before Playing

Killzone: Shadow Fall developers Guerrilla Games have confirmed the game’s size on the PlayStation 4 to weigh in at 39.7GB, slightly lower for versions not needing additional language files.

While that may seem like a hefty install size, you’ll only need to download 7.5GB of it on to your PS4 before playing.

This is using Sony’s PlayGo system, which¬†Guerrilla’s technical director Michiel van der Leeuw told EuroGamer will get fans playing the game much quicker than possible with current generation hardware.

“The bulk of it is textures,” he says. “I think we’re probably a lot larger than the other cross-generation games, because we have no assets that have been made to a lower spec.” Commenting on the game’s more open level design, he also mentions, “the surface area, I’m just guessing here, must be five to 10 times bigger than Killzone 3 was.”

Sure, you may be able to start playing the game quicker, but what about load times? Luckily, the studio has you covered if, like Michiel, you also hate the seemingly never ending loading screens that plague most modern games.

“To me, that’s still something that fills my heart with joy when I see it. You insert the disc and go straight to menu,” he explains. “People here worked very hard… We had to ask legal and Dolby, the epilepsy warning stuff, the logos from Havok – we had to negotiate with them that we could put it in the credits and not the title screen… All the rules are built around the previous generation. I’m really happy that we’re one of the first ones in, and I hope it’s an example that people are going to follow.

“I get as annoyed by all these screens as you do. I’m 36, I don’t have a lot of time to game, when I do I don’t want be distracted by things that have nothing to do with playing the game… We came from a day and age with a cartridge, you stuck it in and like, ‘bleep!’, and you were playing the game. And slowly that has degenerated into experiences which are more beautiful and big and prestigious, but they feel… heavy. To me, it’s about feeling. The feeling of something that, you say play and it starts to play – it feels qualitatively beautiful.”

Be sure to catch Killzone: Shadow Fall’s gorgeous story trailer if you haven’t yet, and don’t forget to pick the game up along side your PlayStation 4 this November 15.

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