Lastest Battlefield 4 Server Update Extends Chainlink Time Limit, Fixes Battle Pickup and Spawn Bugs

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A small update was made to Battlefield 4‘s servers earlier this week.

It helped fix a bug that caused players to spawn underneath the terrain, plus another causing players difficulties picking up Battle Pickups. Also, at the request of Battlefield 4’s community, developer DICE has extended Chainlink’s time limit to 20 minutes. There are also a few backend fixes as well as fixes for certain crashes on the PC.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Battlefield 4 August 5 Server Update Notes

  • Fix for a crash caused by players using team overrides on rented servers [PC]
  • Fix for an issue where Battle Pickups couldn’t be picked up by players
  • Fix for an issue where players would spawn beneath the terrain
  • Chain Link default time limit changed to 20 minutes
  • Various backend related fixes