Latest RuneScape Update Implements a Long, Long List of Improvements

RuneScape‘s latest patch has been released, fixing a long, long list of bugs.

For the list of graphical, interface and skills, D&Ds and minigame changes, see below:


– Fixed an animation issue with crystal chimes.


– The Bank will now reliably remember the custom withdraw-x setting.

– The Bank will now reliably show the Beast of Burden withdraw option.

– Fixed an issue with bank tab separators appearing when searching for items.

– Fixed an issue when withdrawing a searched item temporarily displaying the item that was in the next bank slot.

– The scroll position in the bank is now reliably saved upon closing the bank screen.

– Fixed an issue that was causing the bank total space to display incorrectly.

– Fixed an issue related to the interface transparency setting resetting itself.

– Fixed issues with the ribbon and ribbon setup interfaces when using the legacy UI skin.

– Fixed an issue with loading screens when entering certain areas such as clan citadels.

– The minigames tab no longer vanishes in legacy interface mode.

– The Metrics graph now shows data again.

– Survival outfit feet are now correctly displayed in the wardrobe interface.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

– The spikes in the middle of Kuradal’s dungeon has been removed.

– Kuradal has caught 2 more abyssal demons for your slaying pleasure.

– Off-hand weapons are now dropped in Dungeoneering.

– Black wool and balls of black wool are now tradeable.

– Black wool is no longer prioritised when selecting a recipe at a spinning wheel.

– A loom and spinning wheel have been added to New Varrock, in the slum buildings east of the Blue Moon Inn.

– Flax and sinew have replaced bow and crossbow strings on zombie drop tables in New Varrock, since they can now be made through skilling.

– Reggie in Fist of Guthix no longer talks about the metal gauntlets in his shop, since he no longer sells them.

– The increased chance of catching a Slayer monster’s soul using an ushabti has been changed from requiring 200m XP to requiring level 120 Slayer.

For the full list of updates, click here.

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