PSA: This Is the Last Day You Can Play LawBreakers, Reaches 55-Player High in 24 Hours

lawbreakers server shutdown

Well, we’re finally here, people. After dropping player counts, controversies and whatnot, the last day of the now-infamous multiplayer shooter LawBreakers has finally arrived! Yes, the LawBreakers server shutdown is happening today, and you can jump right in before it happens to be a part of video game history!

For those who need a reminder, here’s the letter Boss Key Productions penned and released this June:

Dear LawBreakers,

In light of the unfortunate news regarding Boss Key Productions shutting down, we regret to announce that we will be sunsetting our support of LawBreakers on September 14, 2018 as we are not able to operate the game.

Our servers will remain open until then and the game will be made free-to-play on Steam for all players effective immediately. Please note that any and all new in-game purchases will also be disabled and we will not be able to accept any refund requests.

We truly appreciate your understanding in this difficult time and we want to thank you all your support and being a part of the passionate LawBreakers community.

Thank you for staying with us throughout this journey.

-The LawBreakers Team

Checking SteamCharts, the game seems to have gotten a super-mini resurgence, as it reached 55 players concurrently playing, which is the game’s 24-hour peak. Yeah, I told you it’s a super-mini resurgence, right? This is definitely a big improvement given the game has reached a staggering ZERO active player count on PC early this year!

It’s been a whirlwind (not in a good way) development and release for LawBreakers, with one developer blaming the arena shooter genre for the game’s failings.

Good bye, LawBreakers, it’s been one controversial ride!

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