Leaked Black Ops 2 In-Game Screenshots of the Quadrotor, New Intel Drop Unlocks, and More

Black Ops 2 in-game screenshots have been leaked through the special effects firm that worked on the Quadrotor viral video. Also, the latest intel drop has been added to the Call of Duty website, and we got our hands on a better image of the real life Quadrotor with a Tacitus watermark .

The official Call of Duty website has been updated with a clearer image of Tacitus, we will have more on that later, and a new riddle for Call of Duty fans to solve. Thanks AngelySaras for letting us know.

Click on the image below to see the alphanumeric codes change.

The code broken down:

  • 34.D46660-CBE.2BC7C68D1
  • 34.D4416E-A98.2B7886AC1
  • 34.849C64-271.272956371
  • 34.34E76B-AFC.2FD106541
  • 34.84E56C-C4E.2718662D1

Telixion changed the numbers to letters and triangulated the following locations through GPS. Let us know if you came up with anything else in the comments.

Here are the first images of the Quadrotor in-game. It’s unclear what stage of developement Black Ops 2 was in when the images were taken, but it seems it was in the early stages.

Those images were released by the mechanical special effects company, Reel EFX, that worked on FPSRussia’s viral video. The images were taken down minutes before this article was published. (It’s possible that the quadrotor was rendered in MW3’s engine for the special effects firm to model the real life version after it. The project page that was taken down earlier listed the project as “Call of Duty.”)

Black Ops 2 is rumored to be set in the near future, 10 to 15 years from now.

You can watch he following video by our friend MrRoflWaffle to see how the Quadrotor was put together:

[youtube id=”x5MZ3IxoG_A” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Last but not least, take a better look at the Quadrotor below. Thanks to PrestigeIsKey for the image.

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