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[Updated] New Black Ops II Intel Hints At Guest Voice Actor and Different Air Support Killstreaks News 45

News 45 Yet another piece of intel is revealed by Treyarch as we inch closer to the May 1st reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you haven’t yet heard, it looks like the logo, title and release date of Black Ops II have all but been revealed thanks to a leaked pair of Target […]

Leaked Black Ops 2 In-Game Screenshots of the Quadrotor, New Intel Drop Unlocks, and More News 98

News 98 Black Ops 2 in-game screenshots have been leaked through the special effects firm that worked on the Quadrotor viral video. Also, the latest intel drop has been added to the Call of Duty website, and we got our hands on a better image of the real life Quadrotor with a Tacitus watermark . The official […]

New “Tacitus” Image Surfaces on Call of Duty’s Website News 67

News 67 Treyarch and Activision have just released another piece of intel in the form of a distorted image of the word “Tacitus.” Click on the image below for full size. This is the second time the word “Tacitus” has been associated with the next Call of Duty, which is believed to be called “Black Ops 2,” as […]