Madden 18 Game-Breaking Formation Renders AI Useless, Fix Coming Soon

The AI in Madden 18 is usually pretty good, often responding to different plays in a logical and sensible manner. However, when the bots are hit with the “Gun Monster” formation, it all hits the fan.

What is supposed to be a new and improved artificial intelligence, which adapts to the gameplay and each separate player’s skill level, simply can’t handle the Gun Monster play. This leads to an easy victory over the bumbling AI. 

You can see the play in action here:

This will rarely work against human opponents, and is more of a gimmick.

EA made a fleeting statement regarding the AI errors:

We are aware of an issue with the Gun Monster formation which is causing problems with in-game AI. The issue has been identified, and will be fixed in a forthcoming Title Update.

Have you had any success using the Gun Monster formation? 

Source: Madden School (YouTube) via Kotaku

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