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NBA Live 18 Update Adds 3v3 & 5v5 Live Run, Fixes Reward Crate Bug & More News 0

News 0 A new NBA Live 18 update is rolling out across all platforms. In addition to the new 3v3 and 5v5 Live Run player counts, the patch also fixes a Reward Crate bug. Take a look at the full list of patch notes below: 3v3 Live Run Live Run can now be played 3v3 or 5v5. Players can […]

Madden 18 Update Adds Xbox One X Support, Tunes Gameplay & More News 0

News 0 A new Madden 18 update has rolled out. Its main focus is on preparing the game for Xbox One X 4K compatibility, however there are a bunch of other fixes included, too.  Below is a list of available “enhancements” for Madden 18 Xbox One X: Upgraded Resolution from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD:  Providing players with the […]

Madden 18 Update Now Live, Includes New Features & Fixes News 0

News 0 EA has released a new patch for Madden NFL 18, bringing in some new features, while also focusing on general stability issues to prevent crashes. The patch also changes the visuals on some of the players, and more. You can find the full list of patch notes below: NEW FEATURES Longshot Game Rewind – Ability […]

NBA 2K18 vs NBA Live 18 Graphics Comparison – Which One Is Better? News 1

News 1 With EA finally deciding to release a version of NBA Live this year with NBA Live 18, 2K Games’ NBA 2K18 won’t be the only choice for hoop fans when it comes to basketball video games. While choosing one over the other is entirely subjective, there is one thing we can (kind of) definitely compare […]

Madden 18 Game-Breaking Formation Renders AI Useless, Fix Coming Soon News 0

News 0 The AI in Madden 18 is usually pretty good, often responding to different plays in a logical and sensible manner. However, when the bots are hit with the “Gun Monster” formation, it all hits the fan. What is supposed to be a new and improved artificial intelligence, which adapts to the gameplay and each separate […]

First Madden 18 Update Now Available, Dev Team Pushed It Out Early Due to “Irma” News 0

News 0 Now here’s dedication; the folks over at EA Tiburon who develops the yearly iteration of EA’s Madden football sim franchise released the first-ever Madden 18 update early so they didn’t have to get stuck in the office while hurricane Irma attacked everything in its path. This little nugget of info was confirmed by EA Sports Madden […]

Madden NFL 18 Review – Not a Longshot Reviews 0

Reviews 0 When EA’s founder Trip Hawkins pitched the idea of an American Football game in 1984 to the legendary football pro John Madden, one of the only things demanded by the Hall of Famer was that the game is as realistic as possible. Four years later, what was known as John Madden Football at the time, […]

NBA Live 18 Demo Impressions – It’s in the Game News 5

News 5 While 2K Games’ NBA 2K franchise has a yearly stranglehold on basketball video games, EA is once again lacing its sneakers to have another crack at the virtual hardwood floor with NBA Live 18. Does it have a lottery bound game or one that’s ready for the playoffs? Off-Season Work With the NBA Live franchise […]