Major Battlefield 3 Patch Planned For Spring, Will Include New Features – Possible DLC Announcement at GDC

Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE, talks about the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch and hints at some new features to be revealed shortly.

According to an early, German version of the new series, Inside DICE, the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch (which will be released across all platforms) will include some brand new features on top of the already announced fixes and updates. Details of these special features will be unveiled at the upcoming Game Developers Conference as well as in the next instalment of Inside DICE.

Troedsson promises the next patch to be a major update. Many are still wondering, however, when will Battlefield players finally get to add it to their download queue? Troedsson couldn’t reveal a date but was able to give some reasons for the long wait, the first and most obvious being the content which should include these new, aforementioned features. In fact, he admits that the patch was originally planned for a February release. However, due to the addition of further content, it had to be pushed back. DICE is now planning for a Spring release. Second were issues on the technical side as well as with console manufacture regulations. Troedsson also claims these to be the reasons DICE’s has decided to release larger, spaced-out patches rather than smaller, more frequent patches. He did, however, mention that quick updates are more appropriate for immediate fixes, like the recent PS3 VoIP issues for example.

If announcements during the GDC and in the next Inside DICE instalments are anything like Troedsson make them out to be, fans should find out why 2012 will be a great year for Battlefield. Troedsson stated that he had some great news in store for Battlefield fans and it is quite likely that we will be hearing something of DLC. According to him, February was also supposed to be the month in which DICE made an announcement of their DLC plans. Unfortunately, due to quickly changing circumstances, this became impossible. He also reflected that this, unfortunately, led to many disappointed Battlefield 3 fans when these hinted announcements did not arrive. Troedsson stated with hope that the upcoming GDC should mark the next milestone in terms of new Battlefield 3 information.

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Let us know in the comments below, what new features do you think might be included in the next patch? Could it have anything to do with the recently talked about spectator mode and private servers? Do you think we’ll be hearing of DLC at the GDC?

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