Marvel’s Avengers AIM Secret Lab, Mega Hives and More Daily & Weekly Missions Announced

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While the reveal of Kate Bishop was the biggest news that came out of today’s Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, Crystal Dynamics also announced the Marvel’s Avengers AIM Secret Lab, which seems to be the game’s version of raids. That’s not all, as more cycling (weekly, daily) missions have been revealed as well.

Here’s the details straight from the press release:

AIM Secret Lab – Players looking to test their mettle will look forward to teaming up with three friends to tackle AIM’s Secret Lab, a mission only accessible after reaching the game’s highest power levels. Available once a week, the AIM Secret Lab raid will culminate in a massive boss fight influenced by how well players’ teams performed throughout the mission.

Villain Sectors – Special missions that provide epic showdowns with powerful bosses that players will want to return to as their Heroes get closer to the game’s power-level cap of 150, while SHIELD Vaults are treasure troves of resources, gear, and secrets that must be discovered and unlocked.

Mega Hives – Will put players’ full Super Hero roster to the test as they fight their way through a gauntlet of descending floors packed with enemies. The farther they go down, the higher the difficulty goes up, and once all their Heroes are defeated, players will have to start over from the very beginning.

These missions will come to the game free of charge. We’re checking in with Square Enix to see which days these will reset and how often. We’ll update the post if we get more info.