Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther, War Machine First Look & New Missions Unearthed via Datamining

marvel's avengers black panther

Back in September, Crystal Dynamics announced that they have altered what they were showing in a Marvel’s Avengers War Table devstream due to the death of Chadwick Boseman, more popularly known as the real-life Black Panther of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This meant that whatever Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther showing the studio planned, they had to push back a bit out of respect for the actor.

In the game’s latest patch, a bunch of new info have been datamined, and it includes our first look at Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther, War Machine, a bunch of new missions, items and more! These were all obtained from a video featuring a list of datamined info from the latest patch. Marvel’s Avengers fan “Miller” shared the info over on Twitter with detailed descriptions, images and more. Do note that none of these have been confirmed by Crystal Dynamics, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt, and some could be using placeholder names and whatnot.

As for the leaked missions, items and whatnot, we’ve compiled the long chain of tweets into text form below.

Crystal of Kadavus
Norn Stone of Protection
Norn Stone of Alliance
Norn Stone of Attunement
Norn Stone of the Fanatic

Dark Heart
Welcome to the Jungle. It’s all fun and games. Until someone sets off a vibranium explosion downtown, injuring dozens of civilians. Not

(The text in the video isn’t formatted with wraparound so there’ll be lines cut off like this, fyi)

Faction Mission Chain
Inhuman Sanctuary
The Inhuman Resistance faces the ever growing AIM threat. Help them in their battle against AIM and their quest to rescue Inhumans.
Night Hunting
Hank Pym has information that may lead to the location of another Tarantula. Use this (…)

(…) information to hunt and destroy another AIM
Hunter’s Revenge
Maria Hill has information that may lead to the location of another Tarantula. Use this information to hunt and destroy the AIM
Taking Him to Task
Commander Hill’s agents claim Taskmaster’s Academy is up and (…)

(…) running, even though Taskmaster is dead. Figure out if this intel is

(Looks like these were early operations.)

Hank Pym’s Resistance has been hampered by the appearance of deadly “ghost” robots in the area. SHIELD wants to send in the

(This likely ties in with the ghosts mentioned in the Jemma Simmons audio leak.)

Deep Hive Network
Infiltrate this series of AIM Hives to interrupt their production of Adaptoids.

(This is separate from the Gauntlet of Heroes mission chain. Curious!)

HARM Challenge VIII
HARM Challenge IX

(Do HARM Challenges currently go up to 9? 8 has supplemental text [“Complete HARM Challenge VIII”] while 9 does not.)

Iron Man HARM Challenge II
Thor HARM Challenge II
Black Widow HARM Challenge II
Hulk HARM Challenge II
Captain America HARM Challenge II
Ms. Marvel HARM Challenge II
Complete the Elite HARM Training mission

Global Mission Objectives
Talk to Jerry “Jitterbug” Folsom
Go to the Ant Hill to talk to vendor Jerry “Jitterbug” Folsom about the medical supplies the Resistance needs.

Salvage Medical Supplies
Find AIM medical supplies. Containment Filters are dropped by AIM Keepers and (…)

(…) Peacekeepers, Food Rations and Nutrient
Talk to Dr. Maddy Cho
Go talk to Dr. Maddy Cho in the Ant Hill to find out about AIM’s “ghosts”
Talk to the survivors
Talk to the Resistance survivors of “ghost” robot encounters
Talk to Dr. Maddy Cho
Return to Dr. Cho in the (…)

(…) Ant Hill with the survivors’ information
Gather footage of “ghosts”
Neutralize 3 “ghost” robots by completing the “Breakout” or “Restitution” missions
Wait for Dr. Cho to finish her analysis
Explore other missions while waiting for contact from Dr. Cho (…)

Hack AIM’s R&D database
Hack five AIM R&D servers by completing “Special Delivery” and “System Seizure” missions
Meet SHIELD Agent Alisande Morales
Talk to Resistance liason and SHIELD Agent Alisande Morales in the captain’s nest of the Chimera above the command deck. (…)

Talk to another survivor
Find and talk to another survivor of a “ghost” robot encounter
Talk to a survivor
Find and talk to another survivor of a “ghost” robot encounter
Speak with Alisande Morales aboard the helicarrier

(This concludes the ghost-related objectives in this section of the text. I am increasingly convinced the entire “ghost” subplot, as it appears here, was scrapped, and that the entire Jemma character present in audio may be a remnant of that. But it’s impossible to say for sure.)

(More missions and objectives around Tarantulas, none of which particularly stand out to me.)

Infiltrate Taskmaster’s Staging Base
Take the Quinjet to the tundra to infiltrate Taskmaster’s staging base.
Complete Taskmaster Takedown mission

First Cloning Lab
Assault the Cloning Facility
Complete Cloning Lab mission
Cloning Lab Campaign
Keep taking down Cloning Labs

Operation Osiris Prologue: Mysterious Stranger
Our field agents have identified the location of a high-security AIM depot. Infiltrate the facility and uncover any information regarding

San Francisco Ruins
San Francisco Ruins Stub mission description

(Mission types)
Priority War Zone Mission
Priority Hazard Zone Mission
Priority Campaign Mission
Priority Hero Mission
Priority Crisis Zone Mission
Campaign Mission
Sabotage Mission
High Value Target Mission
Hacking Mission
Rescue Mission
Hero Pack Mission

Cloning Chamber
Pym Technologies Boss Chain
SHIELD Boss Chain
Boss Lair
Inhuman Alliance Faction Mission
Hero Mission
SHIELD Faction Mission

Automaton Hive
Fight through the deepest level of a massive, high-security subterranean installation with a relay of several Avengers. As one

(Early Mega Hive? Something else?)

(Then there’s a table of outfit names for each character. Placeholder data abound. None of these are particularly exciting, but notably Black Panther’s iconic [without a unique name] does appear here.)

Replay sections of the story with a custom loadout.
Replay sections of the story with the skills and gear upgrades from your campaign game.
Play through a section of the story, trying to achieve the highest score possible.

There’s no mention of when we’ll see any of the new content listed here, but the fact that they’re part of the data rollout this October bodes well that we’ll see them soon.

Again, worth pointing out that these are in no way confirmed by Activision, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonethless, don’t be surprised to see this version of Black Panther and War Machine in the game soon.

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