Marvel’s Avengers Down Reports Surface This September 30

Marvel's Avengers PS5 Crash Fix

If you’ve been experiencing problems trying to play Marvel’s Avengers today, then know that you’re not the only one. Multiple Marvel’s Avengers down reports have surfaced a few minutes ago, with various players taking to the game’s official subreddit and Discord channel to know just what is going on.

Marvel’s Avengers Down – September 30

Checking on Reddit, it would appear that the server issues are causing players to miss out on several rewards, including their credits, missing challenge cards, earned nameplates, as well as the cosmetics. A few people in the same thread corroborated the original poster’s issues, although for now we can’t be sure what the issue is yet and just how long will the servers for Marvel’s Avengers be down.

On a maybe related note, a huge patch just started to roll out today, and that could explain the server issues some players are experiencing. However, take this with a grain of salt, and we will update you all if the situation changes.

We’ll be update the post as more news developers regarding the serveres.

Sources: Reddit, Discord

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